What is massage therapy?

  • Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of soft tissues in the body, which include muscle fibres, tendons/attachments & fascia/connective tissue.
  • I use various advanced techniques appropriate for the individual to release tension in their body’s soft tissue.
  • I specialise in myofascial release, trigger point therapy & muscle attachment release.
  • Releasing tension from your body's soft tissues, facilitates a neutral resting sate in the body which enables optimal health & vitality

Why? (For the science nerds, like me) 
Day to day most of us are engaged in our sympathetic nervous system - our flight or fight response. Stress hormones pump through our body ready to react to our perceived threats. This creates both unhealthy & unnecessary stress & tension in our bodies. It is so important to create balance in our lives by teaching & training our bodies & minds to be in our parasympathetic nervous system, which is a healthy resting state that enables our bodies to repair & rejuvenate. 


Simple summary:

  • Longevity
  • Massage gives you years to your life and life to your years
  • Healthy long term pain-free movement, as old habits are replaced by new freedoms.
  • Enables us to be in our bodies & out of our heads!


  • Increased circulation of blood & nutrients to muscle fibres  - keeping them healthy & supple
  • Increased flexibility -  length in your walking or running stride
  • Increased mobility - putting your shoes on in the morning / moving well in your gym class / comfortable in your own skin
  • Increased energy - we all want some of this! Energy is used to keep tension in your muscles therefore by releasing tension it frees up more energy for you to use as you choose!
  • Better posture – musculoskeletal balance, decrease pain increase comfort & ease
  • Improved breathing - increases health, energy & productivity reduces stress
  • Improved neurosomatic awareness & proprioception - decreases chance of injury


  • Clarity of mind, feel refreshed - like after a dip in the ocean at Bondi! Yes PLEASE :)
  • De-stress and reduce anxiety
  • Feel good about ourselves & our bodies 
  • Improve awareness to enable change 
  • Practice mindfulness 


A note from Jessie

My inspiration comes from my personal rehabilitation experience, a journey that has lead to a  lifelong education of improved body awareness leading to empowerment & the ability to discern intelligent decisions to allow for optimal health & wellbeing in my life, which for me became about being able to move & live without pain.

When I was 14 I was in physiotherapy rehabilitation classes with 60 year olds! - Nothing against any 60 year olds out there but I felt a little out of place. The thought of having similar pain &  back problems as 60 year olds at 14  wasn’t very appealing to me… there has to be something I can do about this. Movement & playing sport were very important to me, & pain-free movement & the ability to "move well" became very important too. Through a long journey of treatment, education & intelligent decisions I am pain-free!!!

I truly believe in early-prevention & Long term health staying well takes less effort & is much easier in the long run than back peddling & battling through pain & injury.  Muscle imbalances due to poor posture, lack of awareness & education contribute to many people's musculoskeletal pain & discomfort that does't need to be there!

With absolute clarity & authenticity I'd love to share the knowledge I've accumulated over the last 15 plus years to help facilitate in keeping you young, vibrant & full of life & energy, away from the zimmer frame & any hip or knee or other nasty surgeries for as long as possible!  to keep people moving well & pain-free.

Cheers ! Jessie x 


Massage gives years to your life & life to your years.